About Us


shares the same philanthropical ideologies of education with many governmental, non- governmental agencies, private institutions, other distinguished educational and training establishments from all corners of our global societies. That is, QAQF aims at bringing sustainable education that would polish the lives of young individuals and curious learners to become fulfil and happy.


1. We will educate individuals with interests in career expansion and key players with innovative skills matching the need of their workplace, societies and needs.
2. We will educate businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to adapt to a changing digital era.
3. To train businesses, entrepreneur and companies to become proactive and resilient in a highly revolutionizing the environment.

We are a private organisation with Board of Management members from industry-related experts (as listed below):
- Human Resource;
- Business & Management;
- Quality in Education;
- Public and private policy
- Corporate Law and Good Governance
- Science and Advanced Technology
- One member of the public
- Academics
- Chairperson of QAQF Quality Committee
- Director


With its vision set out for globally sustainable and quality education, QAQF aims at standardizing tertiary education to recognize pioneering skills amongst learners, scholars, millennials and societies across the globe smartly by 2030.


“Alone you carve your path but TOGETHER we provoke the difference in shaping your future”